Find Me


O, my child,
Look up to Me.
All that you love,
Place at My feet.
For your days
Are in My hands,
And my grace
Helps you to stand.

You’ve been running
Far too long.
I’ve been crying
An endless song
All your worries
Give them to me
“Son, I love you…
Don’t you see?”

I know you’re tired
Your heart is torn
Come unto Me
And search no more
Rest I give
It’s free indeed
It all can start
Upon your knees.

My grace for you,
I know you’re weak.
Talk to me.
Please, just speak!
I died for you!
It was enough.
Trust in Me-
My steadfast love.

Wandering Son,
Where will you run?
How much longer
Till you’re done?
I know you’re looking for the truth
Spend time with me
and see the fruit.



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