Breathe it in and Let it Out

All day I have had Switchfoot stuck in my head. I admire what Jon Foreman and his band are about so much. I listen to them and think of the ocean waves and beaches and all that beauty. His lyrics speak hope to a disappointed and often distressed soul like mine, and I’m thankful. I enjoy listening to the Up soundtrack, Meet the Robinsons, and yes, Coldplay. Such joyous music. I have so much access to inspiration around me each day. It’s amazing to see the things that cause me to marvel and wonder and want to see and be something different. I want to see the world differently. Like the Secret Life of Walter Mitty says “To see the world, things to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of Life.”  Our world contains moments. Beautiful moments. Let us open our eyes and our hearts to inspiration. See the world differently!

Our God has given us beautiful things to enjoy, and we walk every day through life drudgingly. We go to school, take another test, write another paper, chat up some small talk with some friends, go home, sleep, repeat. Where will the enjoyment come in? Our gracious God has allowed us to see the sun shine, the snow fall, to rain drip on our windows. Our gracious God has given us family and friends and people in our life that matter. They are souls. Eternal souls like us. We were all built to worship, but this worship is not a begrudging worship. It is bliss. Pure bliss. We worship God not only by praising him, but by thanking Him, and adoring what He has created. I know I just created a random rabbit trail off of the music that I like, but I really did kind of have a point to this. This music helps me see the simple things in life. Sometimes extravagance isn’t always as great as we fantasize it to be. I think often times extravagance is right now where we are. We think we work a dull job, or go to a school with people we hate, but oh how different God thought of it when he placed us there. We are ambassadors. We carry around the glory of God where we are. Where we are is where we can impact eternal souls. Where we are is what can be enjoyed. You are not your job, nor your education. You are what God has made you to be. You are a creatively designed human being made in the image of Christ who has been granted the privilege to express creativity as well.

How do I do this? How can I become creative? This is often a frequently asked question. Well, its simple. Open yourself up to inspiration. See the world, the things to come to, find each other – and feel! It is a glorious feeling to not just pass through life ordinarily day by day! We have special moments that await us each day that remind us that God did not create this world in black and white. It is a colorful world! Find a meaning. See the beauty! You can find it in music, books, talks with friends. And don’t just discuss the small things with your friends. We were not designed to only talk about small things all the time. Discover people. They have burdens and struggles like you. It’s in these moments, these simple, yet glorious moments, where we find beauty. The simple pleasures that God has created for us to enjoy. A fine coffee by the fireplace on a snowy afternoon. A late evening talk with a  friend who can’t seem to rid his pain. A book of adventures and good conquering evil. You see, inspiration is everywhere. This is not a dull life. Beauty comes out of chaos. You might be in chaos right now, but I promise you, the chaos is not all there is. Take a step outside the circle of self. You step out and you  say “Wow, this world isn’t much about me at all. I am not the only one that is struggling…” These are the moments God has created and gave us. Don’t take them for granted.

Enjoy the music. Relax. Love your neighbor.


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