Our Weakness is God’s Strength

Do you ever feel an overwhelming sense of inadequacy?

I have. I feel it all the time. I always feel like I’m way too late on my progress on who I should be and what God desires of me. I sometimes feel that I’ve wasted years or that I’m just too slow to become who I need to be.

However, God, through Christ, offers us good news.

But, this news isn’t just good. It is liberating.

Christ died so that I don’t need to feel overwhelmed by shame, identified by my weakness, and exhausted from failed attempts.

The good news is that God loves me just as I am and not what I ought to be.

I hear phrases like that a lot actually, and it has never really sunk in till today. I think the root of a lot of our fears and insecurities is that at it’s core, we truly don’t believe God loves us. We scramble anxiously to earn His love based on skills, likeability, friendships, or any other method to gain validation. I mean really, how can anyone love you just for you? How am I enough if I didn’t manage to prove it through anything?

If God loved me for what I can contribute I’d be long gone. But that’s the point of the cross. He died for you while you were still a sinner (Rom. 5:8)! He didn’t choose to save you based on what you can offer, but based on His own good pleasure.

I take comfort in the fact that God loves weak people. He delights in people that don’t have it all together. That don’t feel like they measure up. That feel like they’ve messed it up one too many times. God brings about change through the weak by His own choosing. God, in his never ending compassion, chose to shine forth His glory in those that are weak, hurt, and ordinary.

He is not waiting for you to become someone else.

I’m so glad He doesn’t feel that way.

So glad He promises to make me like His perfect son Jesus Christ one day instead of leaving me where I’m at.

As I read from Scott Sauls, when you can finally be OK with your weaknesses and imperfections and shortcomings, you can finally give your time and attention to loving people (who also feel that way). He notes that the problem with living in our shame is that we end up focusing too much on our selves and our own development that we neglect our call to love our neighbors.

What if you knew the battles that your friends, and even your enemies, are fighting? Battles that are both similar to yours and incredibly complex. 

At the end of the day, every one of us is dependent on the same sustaining grace. 

The successful still feel empty.

The popular still feel lonely. 

And the rich still want more money.

It’s time to give up your pride and accept your weaknesses and shortcomings. You can do this because God is not ashamed of you. And because He promises not to leave you that way. He is your friend and He feels your grief.

Dive deep into the oceans of His kindness.

Note: A lot of this writing was inspired by a couple of sources for me, Scary Close by Donald Miller, a blog post from Scott Sauls (link included in article), the movie – Ragamuffin Gospel, and other authors and bloggers that I’ve read from this summer.


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